Multifunctional Concealer

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One Stroke is a multifunctional and ultra light concealer, formulated with active ingredients with moisturizing and regenerating properties. Its comfortable texture melts into the skin. The practical stick format ensures buildable coverage and a precise stroke that makes it perfect also for contouring. Available in 8 shades.

- Practical and multifunctional chubby stick format;
- Light and comfortable texture;
- Buildable coverage.

Cruelty-free. Formula free of parabens.
Dermatologically tested.
Content: 3 g - Net Wt. 0.10 oz.




Apply One Stroke before the foundation. Draw a triangle with the base just below the eye and the apex towards the cheek, in order to correct dark circles and brighten the face. Blend with a beauty sponge or brush. Apply light colours on the points of the face to be illuminated, dark ones on the parts to be sculpted. To obtain greater coverage, dab it with your fingertips.

We recommend choosing the right colour of One Stroke based on the undertone and the tone of your skin. The principle of concealers is to contrast and/or neutralize a strong colour that appears on the face. The letter of the product indicates the undertone, the number indicates the tone in ascending order (10 the lightest, 80 the darkest).

C: yellow-based shade, ideal for contrasting pinkish, reddish or purplish dark circles; W: pink-based shade, ideal for contrasting dark or bluish dark circles.

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